BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi

BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi
BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd WiFi
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Bundle Kit BoxLink S3 e Telecamera IP Hd 1 Mp motorizzata (TPZ)

Sistema di domotica e sorveglianza intelligente.




The ThinkerHome automation and universal remote can be used to control a variety of appliances 
around your home  including your HDTV, air conditioner, lights and more directly from your Android
or iOS smartphone.


Meet BoxLink S3, an intelligent control host with routing function. Via the APP, once you connect your mobile phone to the internet, you can perform remote control on the home appliances anytime and anywhere. Air-conditioner, television, sound box, lighting equipment and so on. You can also use the RF switch, socket or other fittings provided by BoxLink S3 to transform the traditional home appliance into an intelligent electrical appliance which could be controlled by BoxLink S3


A Genuine Universal Remote – IR and RF (315M/433M) controllable

This is a design of intelligent-learning IR and RF (315M/433M) remote controller. Our product is perfectly compatible with various brands of electrical appliances, so it saves tons of trouble for replacing the existing remote of TV, air conditioning, switch, socket, etc. Your smartphone with BoxLink S3 is a much better remote.

By learning the original remote control of electrical appliances, BoxLink S3 can remote control many devices with your own smart phone. Then you no longer have to go in a lot of clutter to find the remote control. Through the Cloud infrared code library, you can directly generate the remote control by searching brands. It's very convenient.

How to usehow-to-3-strep.jpg

1)  Download and install the mobile phone APP. (The new APP is being developed and optimized, you can download the previous version by clicking the link iOS and  Android, and the new APP will be updated once being completed.)

2)  Connect and match Thinker with your mobile phone through WiFi. Search SSID "Geeklink" to connect. If you need to dial-up Internet connection or a router, connect the appropriate cable access router's WAN port.

3)  Match the remote control with your mobile phone APP and save the data. The matching of the remote control supports the code library, so choose the brand directly. If the brand could not be found, you can save the data to the phone through learning. Additionally, timing and pattern are supported as well (this feature is to set up multiple action and the time to obtain delay action to open a pattern at a specific time.)

4)  Match the door sensor, intelligent camera and other monitoring accessories with the APP and then save the data.

5)  Use the APP to control home appliances, query the status of them and acquire alarm information.                                                             

Note: we will update more detailed instructions on Thinker and its accessories after the completion of our new APP.


Control your home at anytime anywhere 

Magnificent turn & Perfect beyond 
Smooth cambered surface, exquisite and delicate surface treatment, simple and clear App interface, all these indicate Geeklink's relentless pursuit of perfection. 

Perfection From internal structure to appearance 
Infrared lambs with radial configuration and special infrared-transmissive material to ensure omni-directional signal clear. 

Colorful interface, Create wonderful user experience, Brand new interactive interface, Never want to put it down. 

Considerate users' experience 

You can watch and monitor it at the same time. Because of • real-time feedback with high-definition image, it seems home always stands by your side wherever you are. 

GeekLink The system of Smart Home 

Geeklink's system of Smart Home includes RemoteBox, wireless extension, intelligent camera, feedback switch, intelligent outlet, magnetic door contact, air humidifier, air purification and so on.


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